Production of multi flower honey​

Multi flower honey is a polyfloral honey type that is gathered from multiple sources such as flowers, plants and herbs. Honeybees also known as forage bees travel various distances to gather nectar and pollen which they transport back to their beehives, meanwhile inside their honey stomach the crop is being regurgitated and turned into honey. After honey is extracted from beehives it needs to be filtered in order to remove beeswax before it can be used. Because of its chemical properties it can be stored for a very long time and doesn’t go bad as long as you always keep the lid on and don’t add water or anything else to it.

As multi flower honey is gathered from different sources, its taste has a hint of fruitiness without losing the flavor of honey that we all love so much. Our company uses no additives which makes our multi flower honey 100% natural and high quality.

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Different uses of multi flower honey

The most popular use of all types of honey including multi flower honey is the consumption of it as a natural sweetener. Whether you like to add it to your cup of tea, use it for cooking and baking or simply on its own, our high quality natural multi flower honey will be a good choice for any preference of using it.

Multi flower honey is one of the most amazing of all the natural supplements that deals with various health problems like indigestion or wounds, as well as sunburn or other skin problems. Raw honey is a natural moisturizer and can actually help with facial skin problems like pimples and acne as well as rashes and dry skin, the only thing is that you need to make sure to use 100% natural raw multi flower honey. 

Our multi flower honey can be used on a diet as a natural substitute for sugar to sweeten the taste of your food or drinks without any added sugar or negative impact on your health.

Benefits and advantages of multi flower honey​

  • Multi flower honey can cleanse skin, its properties can detoxify and help get rid of skin problems like acne, pimples and dry skin. Not only will it help in your fight with problematic skin areas, but it helps to moisturize and pamper your skin as well.
  • It can be used to boost your immune system as well as fight colds and other illnesses by having antibacterial properties. Use 2-3 teaspoons of multi flower honey every day to boost your immune system.
  • Honey is a natural remedy for sore throat and cough — eat a spoonful of multi flower honey to calm your sore throat and its natural antioxidants will help you fight it with its many benefits.
  • Lower cholesterol level by consuming multi flower honey, its antioxidants can help if you have high cholesterol.
  • Multi flower honey can help induce sleep, a tablespoon before going to sleep or tablespoon of raw honey added to your evening cup of chamomile tea can help you have a good night of sleep.
  • It is a good source of natural energy before or after physical exercise as it contains carbohydrates which your body uses for energy.
  • Frequent consumption of multi flower honey can boost your digestive system and calm your stomach.


Multi flower honey is honey that has been collected from several types of plants, herbs and flowers. It is rich in flavor and can come in light to dark brown color and has many health benefits.

Monofloral means that honey has been collected from one plant species or one specific plant and usually has a distinctive flavor or other quality.

Multifloral honey is gathered from nectar of several different flowers and plants but mainly consists of nectar gathered from one flower or plant. Monofloral honey is gathered from nectar of only one flower or plant.

Both monofloral honey and multifloral honey are of the same quality if all standards of production have been met and the quality of honey is high.

Choose multi flower honey

We pride ourselves on our high quality honey that has been gathered from different plants and flowers giving more flavor, richness and vitamins for our multi flower honey. We have a lot of experience in the honey gathering and export field. It is our company’s passion to work with organic and natural products and work in synergy with nature and living things around us.

With multi flower honey and its beneficial advantages, you are choosing to use an organic substance that can boost your immune system and overall feeling as well as help fight illnesses and long term health problems, such as high cholesterol. If you are looking for raw, high quality honey that has all of these benefits then choose our multi flower honey that has no additives and is 100% natural.

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