About Us

Amber is a family owned and operated business founded in Latvia that deals with natural raw honey. Our home country is known for its beautiful nature and many flowers, plants and herbs that flower throughout the spring and all the summer giving honey bees a lot of nectar to collect. All of us at Amber believe that our honey is special because of where it is coming from, making the flavor of our honey exquisite and pure. We care about healthy lifestyle and environment around us — with that in mind, we created Amber. JBJ Ltd. mission has always been to create a premium quality raw honey that has a fantastic flavor and texture. Not only is our honey tasty but it’s healthy as well, as we don’t mix any additives into our products. We believe that our brand Amber stands for and represents sunny colors, a warm feeling and many health benefits which include healing properties as well. We thrive to build trustworthy and long term collaborations with our customers.

Our Core Values

Our company’s core value is family, our goal is to make our customers feel welcomed and taken care of. We listen to your needs and wishes and make sure that we fulfill them. At Amber, we commit ourselves to deliver premium quality honey as well as premium quality service.

We value the world around us and our company’s employees are passionate about creating the best possible product without harming the environment. Honey bees create 2-3 times more honey than they actually need to survive the winter, and we always make sure that there is enough honey left for bees, we only take extra.

It is very important for us to create prosperous and long term partnerships with our customers- we make sure that our products are of the highest quality and our logistic solutions efficient.

Our Products

Multi flower honey has a wonderful traditional honey flavor and its color can vary from light amber to brown. Our honey has been harvested from different flowers, plants and herbs in Latvia. It has many health benefits and is sold both in jars and small packages. There are multiple sizes you can choose from when buying honey — 20g, 40g, or 300g.

Acacia honey is one of the most popular honey types in the world, it has a delicate flavor and pleasant aroma. Its color can vary from a very light, almost transparent to light yellow. Acacia honey doesn’t have an aftertaste and can be consumed in bigger amounts as it is rich in fructose and has less sucrose than other types of honey. There are multiple sizes you can choose from when shopping with us — 20g, 40g or 300g.

Amber Acacia & Raw Multi Flower Honey Packages

You can purchase a box that contains both acacia honey and multi flower honey packages each small package containing 20g of honey. This choice will be perfect for you if you want to try our products for the first time or love to mix and match when consuming honey.

Choose Amber Raw Honey

We offer 100% natural raw multi flower honey and acacia honey both in premium quality. Our company exports honey worldwide, and we have efficient logistics solutions. Harvesting honey is our company’s passion, and we put a lot of love and care into our products and that is how we can guarantee high quality of our products.

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