Different uses of honey

Honey is a sugary liquid made by bees from the nectar of plants that are flowering. The flavor of honey depends on flowers and plants which bees have been collecting the nectar from, and the color of honey can vary from light amber to dark brown shade. There are two types of honey — raw and pasteurized and even though each of these have their own benefits, raw honey is richer in vitamins and minerals and has more health benefits. Pasteurized honey is processed and has been heated and may lose some of its natural advantages due to this process, on the other hand due to being processed it loses its natural pollen which makes it more suitable for people with allergies. Honey contains a lot of fructose, about 70% of it is sugar and that is where honey gets its sweet flavor.

Honey can be consumed on its own and can be beneficial to your health if used daily — usually 1-2 tablespoons is enough to help you deal with stress, weakness or even high blood pressure as well as other health related problems. It goes together well with different kinds of beverages like tea, coffee, water, smoothies and others. Honey is widely used with food and easily compliments both sweet and savory dishes and can be used as a natural sweetener. There is a wide range of health benefits as well, honey has been used in medicine for over 5,000 years and it comes with no surprise that even today it is used as a natural home remedy to treat various health problems.

Benefits of honey

  • Honey has the ability to kill bacteria efficiently and can help you fight infections, some honey types are more effective when it comes to that, for example — acacia or manuka honey.
  • Honey is known for its healing properties when you are dealing with cough, sore throat, cold or flu. Not only will it calm down and soothe your sore throat, but it will promote healing whilst boosting your immune system at the same time.
  • Its calming properties can help you with handling acid reflux and heartburn as well as other gastrointestinal problems. Honey can reduce the duration of diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Honey promotes water intake and can be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight as well as it can be used as a natural sweetener supplement instead of sugar.
  • It has been used in medicine for a very long time and can be beneficial for various health problems like high blood pressure, eczema, cuts, wounds and burns as well as many others.
  • Honey is a popular remedy for dry skin and skin related problems like acne.
  • It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins like calcium, zinc, ascorbic acid and many more.
  • It doesn’t go bad, if stored correctly, which means that the lid is always kept on — it will not spoil.
  • Honey if used on a regular basis can help with too high cholesterol levels and reduce the risks of heart disease due to its high antioxidant content.

Raw Honey in San Francisco

There are many places in San Francisco where you can find high quality raw honey, also there are places where you can go to consume honey such as cafés and other local companies. San Francisco’s local honey that has been collected around various areas of the city is very popular and the demand for all natural honey is increasing. Popularity of honey that comes from all over the world is growing all the time as well and that gives people of San Francisco more options to expand their use of different types, flavors as well as benefits of honey. People are more open to trying new things and that includes different types of honey as well, our company is offering a range of all natural, raw, unfiltered honey that has been collected in the EU. We offer multiple sizes you can choose from when shopping with us — 20g (0,71oz), 40g (1,41oz), or 300g (10,60oz). If you are looking for a high quality honey, contact us.

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Other Locations

Honey Irvine

Honey is a very popular product in Irvine, there are cafés and shops where you can find honey that comes in various flavors from all over the world. It is easy to get lost in the many types, colors and flavors of honey.  

Honey Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many sources where you can buy raw all organic honey that has been collected locally in various areas of the city. Each area of Los Angeles comes with its unique type and flavor of honey where you can find honey that will satisfy all your preferences.

Honey San Diego

There are many ways to get honey in San Diego, starting from the shelf of your most frequently visited supermarket. You can go to farmer markets, honey tasting events, speciality stores and more.  

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