Different ways to use honey

The most popular use of honey is using it for consumption. Many people choose to use honey instead of sugar not only for their drinks, but for their food as well. Honey has always been popular to use with beverages like tea, lemonade, iced tea or coffee, but honey can be used with so many more. We all know that honey along with lemon and ginger is a wonderful and healthy combination, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Honey can be used in cocktails, smoothies or simply together with warm milk or water, it adds natural sweetness and you don’t have to use sugar and that will make your drinks healthier. Honey is a perfect match with food as well, you can use it for cooking, baking or frizzle it over your favorite kind of pancakes or mix it with yogurt or oatmeal for a healthier but still very sweet option.

Naturally honey can be used to gain various health benefits as well, it is good for skin care or can be used as a remedy for cold, flu and sore throat, as well as more serious health concerns like high cholesterol or blood pressure. Raw unfiltered honey is very nutritious and rich in valuable vitamins and minerals.

Nutritious value of honey

Honey mainly consists of sugars and water, approximately 80% of honey is sugars and 20% is water. All types of honey contain fructose and glucose which are all natural fruit sugars and are good for your body and mind. Your body will process fructose and glucose the same way as white sugar would be processed, the difference is that the process of fruit sugar is much slower and helps you feel full and energized for a longer time whilst still satisfying your sweet tooth. Raw honey has minerals, vitamins, amino acids and proteins, this is why it is so beneficial for your health if used on a regular basis. Each tablespoon has 17 g of carbohydrates, this means that natural raw honey can be used as a natural energizer before or after any physical activity. There are many types of honey and each of them will have different nutritional composition and that depends on the type of plants, flowers and herbs bees had chosen to collect the nectar from. One type of honey may contain more fructose and vitamins than others or some types of honey will have more health benefits than others, what kind of raw honey you choose to use is up to you and your individual preferences.

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Raw Products in Irvine

Honey is a very popular product in Irvine, there are cafés and shops where you can find honey that comes in various flavors from all over the world. It is easy to get lost in the many types, colors and flavors of honey. When choosing the right honey, you need to think about the flavor — do you like strong honey flavor or do you prefer one that has a hint of fruitiness, maybe you don’t like honey flavor at all but still want to include honey in your diet. It doesn’t matter what your flavor preference is, you can find honey that meets all your needs and is healthy as well. Traditional honey will have a powerful honey flavor and its color will be darker while acacia honey will be more delicate in flavor and lighter in color. When choosing honey you need to think about the quality of the product you are buying, for example most of the honey you will find in a supermarket is not actually real honey, that is why you should always choose raw and unfiltered honey. Irvine is one of the places where our company offers raw, all natural honey. There are multiple sizes you can choose from when shopping with us — 20g (0,71oz), 40g (1,41oz), or 300g (10,60oz). If you are interested in purchasing the right honey for you, contact us.

Other Locations

Honey Los Angeles

Los Angeles has many sources where you can buy raw all organic honey that has been collected locally in various areas of the city. Each area of Los Angeles comes with its unique type and flavor of honey where you can find honey that will satisfy all your preferences.  



Honey San Francisco

There are many places in San Francisco where you can find high quality raw honey, also there are places where you can go to consume honey such as cafés and other local companies. San Francisco’s local honey that has been collected around various areas of the city is very popular and the demand for all natural honey is increasing.

Honey San Diego

There are many ways to get honey in San Diego, starting from the shelf of your most frequently visited supermarket. You can go to farmer markets, honey tasting events, speciality stores and more. 

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