Import of honey in USA

There is roughly 400 million pounds/ 181 million kg of honey used each year in the USA and approximately 70% of that amount is imported from different countries. The biggest honey importers supply honey from Argentina, Vietnam, India, Brazil, China and many other countries. Over the last few years European countries are making their way in the honey market and import business in the USA. The EU has become the second largest producer of honey after China. More and more people are looking to buy honey that is of premium quality and an all natural honey where no additives have been added to the product they want to enjoy. How can you make sure that the honey you are buying is high quality? There are honey labeling requirements that need to be met in order for it to be imported into the USA, and they are — the label needs to say what is the country of origin of the specific honey you want to buy, the label should always be written in English as well as you should always look for grade or inspection mark, brand name, weight, ingredients and contact information. If you are looking to buy high quality honey always go for raw and unfiltered honey.

Things you can import to USA

Around 80% of all imports of the USA are goods like machinery, vehicles, different types of fuel, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and many others. Half of the imported goods come from China, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Japan.

Different food products are a very popular part of import as well, that includes dairy products, vegetable oils, sugar, fruits, vegetables and nuts, honey, seafood and different meats as well as coffee, tea and other beverages like liquor. The import business in the USA is big and people are craving natural and high quality products more than ever. If you are thinking about importing goods or food products into the USA you need to make sure that you have a clear plan and all your necessary documentation is up to date.

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Import license for USA

In the majority of cases import license is not needed, but there are certain goods and other products that may require one — like cheese, or it might be up to the agency you are working with whether you need to get an import license or other type of permit. You should contact your local port of entry to find out what kind of documentation needs to be done to meet their needs to accept the goods you wish to import. Whether you need an import license or not you must always fill the CPB (Customs and Border Protection) entry forms at least 15 days before your goods arrive in the USA and be up to date with entry requirements of your local port of entry.

Food imported from China

There is a lot of food imported into the USA each year and most of it comes from China, for example 50% of cod consumed in the USA comes from China. Fish and meat are two very popular imports from China, this includes cod and tilapia as well as chicken, lamb and pork. Other widely used products include salt, black pepper, cooking oil, rice, dairy products, honey, mushrooms, eggs and many others. China exports wine, tea and apple juice, 70% of apple juice consumed in the USA is imported from China. Even though there has been a lot of controversy around the production process and quality of food products coming from China it is still one of the biggest food importers in the USA.

Fruit import to the USA

Many types of fruit can not be grown in the USA because of climate or soil and that opens the doors of trade to importers from all around the world. Costa Rica and Mexico are the biggest importers when it comes to the fruit, but they are not the only ones and the request for different fresh fruit coming from other countries is growing each year. The most popular fruits that are imported into the USA are bananas, apples, melons, mangoes, lemons, pineapples and many others. In order to import fruit into the USA you need to make sure that the fruit you want to import is safe to consume and has an official phytosanitary certification and correct labelling as they will be inspected before allowed into the country. Whether you are looking to import fruit, vegetables or any other product into the USA you need to make sure that all the documentation is done correctly and your products are meeting all needs required by your local port of entry in the USA.

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